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What We Do

Sorting & Recycling

Using box trucks instead of dump trucks or dumpsters means everything we receive MUST be sorted.  This allows us to set aside items that can donated, re-purposed, or recycled. It ensures that nothing gets missed. Personal and secure data or documents are destroyed. Every item has a place and each employee is trained to identify the proper place for each item depending on its usability. While this process requires more time it allows us to provide you with the absolute best prices.


Many items can be damaged when thrown into the back of a dumpster with other debris, or when transported in the back of an uncovered truck. Our trucks, along with proper training and identification allows us to immediately set aside, cover, and secure items that can go to community support centers or individuals who need them. This also ensures the items are still in a good condition when they arrive to the donation site.

Proper Disposal

Junk May be hazardous such as tires, paint, or oil. It can be as organic as leaves or sticks that can be mulched. Stone and concrete can be used as clean fill. There are many variables about in the types of debris and where they can be thrown away. We make a point to ensure that every item is correctly disposed of and through the proper channels.

Front Loader


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