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Late Spring Garage Cleanouts

HouseGarages are an area of the house that stuff collects quickly and before you know it, you no longer have space to park your cars in them anymore. From lawn mowers and trash barrels, to children’s bicycles and scooters, we understand that stuff tends to collect in this area over time. Out of sight out, out of mind. Take back your garage this spring by following these tips and by calling us to schedule your garage clean out today!

Don’t Treat Your Garage as a Dumping Ground

Garage are an area of the house that have a lot of space and can be quickly forgot about. Have you started parking your cars outside so that there is more space for all of your things? Reclaim your garage back by treating it with respect and not letting things pile up. If you run out of space, don’t park your cars outside – simply cleanout and get rid of the things you no longer need!

Have a “Home” for EVERYTHING

When you don’t have designated spaces for your things to “live,” the likelihood of those things getting lost or piling up with other things increases significantly. Once your space is cleaned, go through and organize everything and make sure all of your belongings has a place. If you need extra assistance with this, we can connect you with a personal organizer to help you get these things in order!

Don’t Keep Things You MIGHT Use

Save space for the things you are always using or are seasonal items (lawn mowers, shovels, snow blowers, etc.) instead of wasting space with things you might use one day down the line. To make the process of getting rid of these things easier, sell them or donate them if they’re in good condition. If not, recycling is the way to go!

If you’re ready to get your garage cleaned out, call us today at (978) 682-2040. No matter how big or how small the job is, we can do it all!


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