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It’s Time to Winterize Your Home!

Yard Clean UpAs the weather starts to get chillier and chillier each morning, it’s time to start wintereizing your home and getting it ready for a long few months of snow and freezing temperatures. This is also your chance to have unwanted junk in your home and yard hauled away before it becomes difficult to access. To help determine which tasks are the most important to takle this fall, we’ve put together a list along with some tips to make the process easier!

Yard Clean Up

During the winter and early spring, lawns don’t need a lot of care but prepping them in the fall will help reduce headaches in the spring. Before winter sets in, give your lawn one last (short) mow, rake up any leaves, and reduce watering.

Prep Outdoor Areas

Outdoor areas need to be properly prepped for the cold weather months to help protect your outdoor funiture, lawn mower, and lawn decorations from the harsh weather.

  1. Bring patio furniture indoors to help expand its life span and cover any furniture you can’t bring indoors
  2. Drain any water and unplug pumps for any water fountains
  3. Drain the gas from your lawn mower or let it run until it’s low
  4. Clean your deck of any debris and consider giving it a coat of sealer

Haul Away Junk

Junk tends to accumulate more over the summer months and the fall is the best time to go through everything that’s accumualted over the last few months. Once you’ve gone through everything, decide whether it would be easiest to haul it off yourself or hire a junk removal company to do it for you.

Inspect Your Roof

Inspect your roof for missing or damaged shingles, check the flashing around your chimney and other roof projections, and clean out your gutters. If any flashing or shingles need to be replaced, make it a main priority in order to reduce the risk of roof leaks and ice damns from building up over the winter.

From junk and yard waste removal, to removal of construction debris, give All Day Junk a call today at (978) 682-2040.


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