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How to Get Your Kids Excited About Recycling

Children RecyclingRecycling is the easiest way to simultaneously help the economy and the environment, although not everyone makes the conscious effort to recycle. By simply adopting a recycling program in your home, you’ll be doing your part to make a difference and help improve the environment. The tricky part is educating your children on the importance of recycling and getting them involved in the process. By making it fun and easy, you’ll be recycling masters in no time!

Be a positive role model.

Children pick up on everything their parents do and overtime follow in their footsteps when it comes to personality, habits, and mannerisms. Use this to your advantage and be a positive role model when it comes to recycling as well. If you practice what you preach, your children will be more inclind to recycle, no matter where they are. It also helps that it keeps your home free of clutter!

Get creative.

If you have multiple recycling bins, bring your children up to your local arts and crafts store to purchase paint, fabric, and fun embellishments to decorate the different bins with. Have your kids pick out which materials will go in which bin and have them decorate the bin to reflect their personality and the recyclables that will go into the given bin. This will also make recycling feel like an activity and won’t be as overwheliming for younger children.

Visit your local recycling center.

If your children are old enough, set up a time to bring them to your local recycling center for a tour to see what happens to the materials once they are picked up from your home. This will educate them on the complete recycling process and make recycling a reality, not just something that is talked about in your home. Showing your children how they are making a difference will inspire them to recycle anything they can get their hands on!

Make recycling fun.

Making recycling fun makes it seem less like a chore and more like a game. Whether you make it into a contest with stickers and ice cream or make it into a matching game with different recycling bins, your children will get excited about the process and will have a better understanding on why it’s importat to recycle.

Introduce reycling when they’re young.

Introducing recycling, the imporance of it, and the process to your children when they’re young will increase the chances of it becoming part of their everyday lives. Have an area in your home for the items you’re going to recycle and make sure its easily accessible for your children to help remind them to recycle.

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