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How Can I Get My Garage Ready for Tailgate Season?

Football FieldFootball season is upon us and that means tailgates, watch parties, and cookouts. While the weather is still nice and in order to avoid a mess inside of our home, taking the party out to the garage will keep cleanup easy and your wife happy. Nowadays, the garage is no longer just a place to park your car, it’s also an area store holiday decorations, tools and work benches, children’s bikes, and much more. By coming up with an organization plan for all of your items, your garage will be in party ready shape in no time.

Determine Your Storage Needs

The first step to organizing your garage and getting it ready for football season is to determine what your storage needs are. Allocate your storage to the items you have several of – whether that’s tools, holiday decorations, seasonal clothing, or bulk grocery items. Also consider the type of organizer you and your family are. If you have children, open top containers might be easier to keep things clean and organized since kids rarely pick up after themselves.

Overhead Storage

The ceiling of your garage is often forgotten about but utilizing it for store bulkier items, bikes, fishing rods, skis, and other items that are utilized on a seasonal basis will free up extra space for cabinets and entertainments pieces for game day.


Cabinets are great for the items in your garage you need access to on a regular basis. They also make the garage feel more like a living space than a place you store your car and seasonal items. With a variety of options available for every budget and need, you’re guaranteed to find something that fits the space or have a piece custom made. Be sure to stick with durable and easy to clean materials, such as heavy-duty shelving and laminate. Keep in mind adjustable pieces that you’ll be able to utilize for years to come.

When organizing your garage, use the one and one rule – for every item you bring in and store, get rid of an item you no longer use.  Adding new organization to a space is also a good excuse to donate any items you no longer need.

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