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How Can I Declutter My Home?

ClutterEveryone’s home has a little bit of “junk” throughout the different rooms, on counters, and in cabinets and drawers. It’s completely normal but by going through and decluttering these areas, you’ll be able to eliminate some of the unnecessary items and even re-find ones that you forgot you loved. Clutter can also cause stress from the mess than lies ahead, so by decluttering these areas, you are taking care of yourself.

What is clutter? Clutter is the items that are lying around your house in an untidy manner that do not have a specific place in your home, belong to someone else, and are unnecessary to your life.

Why Should I Declutter? Some people declutter their homes to de-stress and to feel in control of their surroundings and other people declutter to free up extra space for more important items. Prior to a moving, many people will also purge their homes of declutter to make the moving process easier.

Tips for Decluttering Your Home:

  • Focus on one room or zone at a time
  • List out the areas of your home you need to declutter from easiest to hardest (start with the easier areas first)
  • Sort your clutter into 3 piles – keep, donate, trash
  • Clear off flat surfaced in the room/zone you are tackling first
  • Have a designated area for incoming papers, mail, and bills
  • Pull everything out of a given drawer and go through each of the items individually before placing anything back in said drawer
  • Give yourself 5 minutes every day to tackle one small pile to make the process easier

As you go through and declutter your home, you might have more items to recycle and get rid of than you thought. Don’t fret – All Day Junk Removal is here to help! Give us a call today at (978) 682-2040 to schedule your junk removal appointment!


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