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Dumpster Alternatives versus Dumpster Rentals

dumpsterYou’ve finally made the decision to clean your house or dive into that renovation project you’ve been putting off for months and now you’re stuck on whether you should rent a dumpster, hire a team of junk removal experts, or go the route of a dumpster bag. Although all three seem extremely daunting, fear not – All Day Junk is here to help!


When deciding on which service you are interested in persuring, it’s important to know the costs of each and making sure they align with your budget. Junk removal services and a dumpster bag will be more affordable than renting a dumpster and aren’t damaging. With a dumpster between drop off and pickup, there is usually a 7-day window that it is sitting either on your grass or driveway and can damage both, which can be costly to repair. There are also over-fill charges that can be incurred.


Your time is extremely valuable and oftentimes, the time spent on junk removal and the cost of the junk removal will be taken into consideration. With a dumpster, you’re looking at least a 7-day turn around but with a dumpster bag or junk removal services, the turn around time can be as little as one day. This will free up your time to focus your renovation project and designing your new, clean space!

What Can They Take?

There are numerous restrictions on what you can and cannot put in a dumpster, including liquids, electronics, appliances, yard waste, drums, or lightbulbs. By hiring a junk removal team, they will be able to support through all of the items you no longer want, including hazardous waste, and ensure they are disposed of through the correct channels so you don’t have to worry about it!


Dumpsters and dumpster pads bring their own list of hazards with them that can end up being a huge pain for you to deal with. They are ofen times loaded with grease to ensure they open and close easily but this in turn is a massive fall hazard when an individual is diposing of their items. In addition to fall hazards, the dumpster pads are a breeding ground for bacteria, bugs, and even rodents, depending on what you’re disposing of. With junk removal services and dumpster bags, you completely eliminate these hazards.

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