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Declutter Your Bathroom in a Flash with These Tips

Bathroom OrganizationFrom towels to toiletries and personal items, there are a lot of items that need to be stored and utilized in a bathroom on a daily basis but there never seems to be enough space for all of it. So what do you do? A lot of times, bathrooms tend to stay a clustered mess until your signifcant other comes home and tells you to expect company. Guests can’t see this mess! Declutter your bathroom in a flash and impress your guests with these tips.

Throw away old bottles. Do you have a handful of empty shampoo or conditioner bottles siting in your shower? Throw them away. Do you have a handful of hair products in the cabinet you haven’t touched since you purchased? Free up the storage space for items like towels and toiletries by donating these products to a local shelter! If you have an unruly amount of travel sized products but rarely travel, stick them aside and give them to a friend that is regularly jet seting.

Remove old towels and rags. You might be having a difficult time parting with your old towels because who knows, you might need them for an emergency or for when your child squeeze an entire bottle of body wash on your bathroom floor. One of our favorite ways to reuse old towels and rags is for house hold chores. Keep a couple of the towels their regular size but cut up the rest to use as rags when you’re doing home improvements or fixing a clogged drain. If you have a basement, garage, or other designated space where you keep tools and extra paint, make space for these towels and rags for easy access.

Recycle/dispose unused items. Are there items in your bathroom that no longer work or you’re simply not using? Old razors, a broken radio, and old hair dryers can easily be thrown away to free up space for the items that you use all the time that are scattered across your vanity.

If you decide to make cosmetic improvements to your bathroom before your company arrives or just to give the space an update, All Day Junk Removal can haul away vanities, toilets, and construction debris. If you’re having a hard time making time to remove the junk from your bathroom, we can send one of our junk removal specialists in to help!

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